Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hot Summer Storm heading toward South

High pressure system that has delivered nearly three weeks of almost pure sunshine and heat set to loosen its grip on the south of the country as a low pressure system pushing north.

This will bring more humid air and clashes that will generate a storm, German Weather Service (DWD) said on Tuesday.

Temperatures will remain high, between 26C and 32C during Wednesday afternoon, and up to 34C in some southern areas. Tonight will be cloudy in some areas, particularly in the southwest, where some early rain and even storms are expected.

The clouds will remain for most of the day Wednesday in the southwest, with the heavy rain and storms between the Black Forest and the Eifel region in the morning. They will move up towards the Rhineland, Hesse and south west Franken and Swabia during the rest of the day.

On Wednesday evening a large and powerful storm will cover the south of the country between the Bavarian Forest and Emsland, while the rest of the country will remain dry and hot, with temperatures between 26 and 32C.

Storms will continue to push north and west during Wednesday night, with showers and low air pressure pushed the temperature down to as low as 13C in some areas.

Thursday will be sunny at first, but the clouds are gathering in the mountains of eastern and southern regions, where several storm should be expected. Top temperatures will still be between 26 and 32C, dipping only slightly on the Baltic coast to around 25C. The showers and storms will disappear during Thursday night, when temperatures will drop to lows around 13C.

Friday will be sunny again, but at times with isolated strong storms in the west and north west in the afternoon and evening. Top temperatures will range between 28 and 34C.

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